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Test Engineering

Test Engineering

Businesses in the current market scenario are required to constantly adapt their technology with the latest dominating IT trends to stay atop of their domain. With the emergence of new technologies enterprise businesses are revamping their approach to their digital presence by embracing Rapid and Agile development methodologies.

The performance of businesses and organization in socially active environments is reliant on their robust, efficient and reliable Information Technology systems that are able to communicate in real-time effortlessly. The technological evolution poses its own set of challenges for businesses in delivering quality services within their budget constraints.Our domain expertise has enabled businesses to achieve digital solutions of better quality with faster time-to-market thus translating to higher returns on their investments.

HiFX’s Hybrid Inter-operable Integration and Automation (HiOI) testing solutions incorporate advanced and tested techniques under the categories of Advanced, Specialized, Core and Innovative Test Engineering Services.


Service Portfolio


Big Data Testing

  • Postgre SQL for Redshift data comparisons using DBeaver IDE
  • Web Test Automation using Selenium for Web event triggers and Fiddler validation
  • Mobile Android/iOS Test Automation with Appium Selenium for Mobile event triggers and Fiddler validation

Lambda Services – Event deserialization of S3 avro files and insertion in to QA Database

AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. With Lambda testing we run code for testing any type of virtual application in the back end service. The advantage in using Lambda service in testing we can get Real time file processing without getting it converted. We use Amazon S3 to trigger AWS Lambda to process data immediately after an upload.  Hence reducing the time to a great extend.

Unlocking Business Potential with HiFX Test Engineering Services Premier Quality, Swift Delivery!!

At HiFX, our approach to software testing is more holistic and innovative. We practice “Quality throughout the life cycles” with our Scrumban approach to testing. By testing quality at every stage of application development lifecycle we are able to mitigate issues that can be resolved in the earlier stages of development to grow into larger, more difficult ones at the end of the cycle. We make use of domain expertise combined with our decades worth of experience in the industry in delivering top-notch end-to-end testing services to ensure reduced costs and improved reliability of applications.

Partnership with HiFX offers you smart testing strategies and execution with Scrumban Process Methodology, and improved testing productivity through predictive analytics, automation and industry specialization. With our approach to applications testing you do not have to worry about shrinking budgets or the increasing technological complexity involved in application development.

You can be at ease knowing that HiFX test engineering services assures high quality throughout your application lifecycle and significantly reduces the cost of poor quality to less than 6% of your IT budget while assisting you to unlock your business potential.

End to End Quality Model

In a fast evolving technological environment relying on outdated practices for testing and quality assurance not only slows down productivity but also weighs heavy on the pockets.At HiFX we believe in providing our clients with the latest and up-to-date services and hence have adopted an agile approach to testing and quality assurance.

By breaking down the traditional silos that exist within the organisation we are able to provide holistic and collaborative services that prove highly beneficial for our clients. The incremental and iterative process of agile testing allows for early detection of defects, production of high-quality end products in shorter work cycles and lowers the risk of failure. The test driven approach enables shorter feedback cycle and eliminates dependency on documentation by opening direct channels of communication.

HiFX takes advantage of Scrumban methodology which is an advantageous amalgamation of Scrum and Kanban methodology. By harnessing the potential of Scrumban, HiFX is able to quickly adapt to market changes and client expectations and deliver reliable and innovative products.

HiOI Framework

Information Technology is a rapidly evolving diverse ecosystem that has a growing need for efficient compatibility between its various components. Seamless connection between systems and products is a highly sought after feature. Interoperability aims to establish smooth to and fro among every element in this networked era. A recent report by McKinsey Global Institute projected that around 30 billion objects are likely to be connected through interoperability!

Many enterprises are paying equal attention to customer experience by focusing on the interoperability of their products and services. Interoperability testing is vital in evaluation of synchronization of multiple systems that make use of varying protocols, modules and devices. Testing gives us an insight into the effectiveness of the services and the products in functioning with the demands of their heterogeneous environment and their ability to effectively convert data into information.

HiFX internally developed the HiOI Test Framework to speed up the testing process and to enforce the data integrity where multiple sources of data are involved. The framework includes:

  • Scripts built on open source tools for automation of functional testing
  • Data Configurations for pre-conditions to test the business rules.
  • Processes to test and validate the data flow between Web, Mobile and API layer.
  • Best practices to manage the test scripts.
  • Processes to test the integration between components and modules across platforms.
  • Scripts to automate the security readiness using OWASP  ZAP.

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