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Big Data
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Big Data

Big Data

From data to decisions, HiFX engineering based on the power of Hadoop, Spark, Flink and other big data technologies. 

The large and complex data amassed through various sources in structured and unstructured form hold significant business insights that are relevant to the successful growth of organisations of every size. Translate these petabytes of data into real-time insights to enhance your business tactics and drive up your organisation’s revenue with HiFX team of strategic consultants.

HiFX team is skilled in identifying opportunities and developing business specific strategies to revolutionize the way you do business. Our wide range of analytics solutions including news/product recommendations, our expertise in exploratory data analysis and prediction of customer behaviours help make you a truly data-driven organisation.

We strive to assist you with our expertise and tools to help your organisation stay at the top of its game.

Big Data


Business Intelligence

Big data plays a vital role in any organisation to provide insights that affect the growth and management of the organisation. Massive amount of data are accumulated through different sources such as business operations, social interactions, sensors, internal data warehouses, and can be both structured and unstructured. Our business intelligence platform empowers analysts and business owners to efficiently and easily interpret, visualize and record data while not having to deal with the hassle of conversion of these data into use able information. Our platform effectively automates conversion of diverse and complex data sets into user- ready business model which enables quick references and access to relevant details that assist in mapping of business strategies and operations to make informed and intelligent business decisions.

Customer Insights

Our customer insight platform provides 360 degree customer insight enabling organisations to design personalized user engagements based on various data accumulated by the organisations. Our platform is equipped with churn prediction, segmentation, campaign performance, product affinity and customer scoring engines that give organisations the scope to make their business truly data driven, and an opportunity to cross-sell and/or up-sell and enhance customer experiences which results in improved customer loyalty. Marketing teams can immensely benefit from our personalization engine feature built into the platform.With our customer insight platform organisations are able to significantly drive up customer engagement through web and mobile communication channels and deliver engaging and personalized user experiences.


Connecting dozens of data streams & repositories to a unified data pipeline enabling near realtime access to any data source

Architect a well governed data lake to store raw and transformed/enriched data thereby eliminating storage silos

Processing data in streams or batches to aid analytics and machine learning with smart workflow management

Engineering well designed big data stores for reporting and exploratory analysis

Offering recommendations and predictive forecasting powered by machine learning

Engineering dynamic dashboards and stunning visualizations that makes data tell stories and drives insights.

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