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15 years of sculpting solutions
that are a class above


15-years of IT and Media Services

HiFX is a boutique consulting firm with a value-oriented workforce. Established in 2001, HiFX comprises of passionate technologists delivering high value and cost effective solutions by making use of the latest cutting-edge technologies. We believe in collaborative relationships with our clients and provide personalized experiences suited to the needs of organisations of every size.

Our expertise covers Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Mobility and Enterprise product development that extend to all major platforms and technologies. Our team of highly skilled and dynamic engineers and architects have successfully delivered projects with the highest level of customer satisfaction in fields ranging from media to healthcare.

Over the past 15 years, we have perfected the utilization of every specialized tool available for collaborative project management. Our stringent business analysis and project management practices help our clients by mitigating risks associated with offshore software development while assuring maximum communication and transparency.

HiFX has helped companies ranging from Start up to Fortune 500 companies to develop and maintain various technology products.  HiFX has 15 plus years of experience in delivering Enterprise services and is a proven ideal partner for technology companies in augmenting their development teams.

HifX have above 15-years of IT and Media Service experience


Disruptive ideas excite us! Best-of-breed technologies fuel us! Whether you want to gain insights and take actions from your data, or build a scalable product or digital experience, HiFX can help.


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