Personalized Cloud Consulting Solutions by HiFX team of integrated Architects and DevOps engineers

At HiFX, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your business requirements. We deliver secure, scalable, high performing and cost-efficient Cloud Consulting solutions. Our collaborative environment fosters efficient communication with our clients to design solutions using best-in-class, cutting-edge technologies.

We build solutions considering the following architectural foundations:


We ensure high availability using geographically dispersed regions/data canters thus, making web applications that are dependable enough to operate continuously without failing.


We design the applications to tackle failure so that nothing fails in production. This approach assumes that there will be a hardware or system failure somewhere, sometime and we design applications so that recovery can be performed quickly.


Loosely couple the components to maximize plug and play giving the flexibility to uncouple, integrate and run web application.


Build security into every component thus providing control and confidence you need to securely run your business with the most flexible and secure cloud consulting environment.


Implement elasticity and automate dynamic provisioning of instances dynamically increase or decrease the resources as needed.


We track the dynamic cloud infrastructure using monitoring & alerting tools and proprietary tracking metrics, to measure resources and web applications developed and hosted with us.

Our Expertise

Consulting and Custom Development

Our team of experts will work with your stakeholders to redefine your existing projects and bring your new ideas to life. We combine mature project development methodologies with robust project management tools for transparent and on-time delivery of your projects. Our skilled team of Architects, DevOps and Engineers will review and access your existing projects and draw out a plan to automate your end-to-end delivery process. Our experience in architecting solutions on AWS will ensure amazing customer experiences using a well-engineered, flexible platform that is scalable and equipped with fault tolerance.


HiFX believes in in-depth understanding of your current framework to recognize migrations solutions that are not just “lift and shift”. Our stringent practices take into account evaluation and auditing of your current infrastructure to make recommendations that are in-line with your target SLA’s. Our team works in complete collaboration with you to design a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure that makes use of the best cloud practices and technologies.


HiFX engineers and architects practice the philosophy “Right tool for the right job”. Our passionate engineers and architects make use of their extensive knowledge and competent skills to build cloud applications that are resilient and scalable. We help you transform your ideas into well constructed cloud platforms that are elastic, high availability, auto-scalable and that are equipped with fault tolerance.

HiFX SOP Solution with Azure Cloud

Our presentation at Microsoft Azure conference 2015.